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To stand out from the crowd and deliver indispensable value in the workplace, a whole new set of skills is required from those taught to us at school and university. The FutureFit Academy is an online centre of excellence that helps individuals and organisations master these skills and behaviours required for long-term relevance and performance excellence in the workplace.

Branduo’s brief was to strategically craft the brand’s communications, visual expression and website – our favourite kind of challenge! FutureFit’s corporate identity balances an edgy, futuristic feel with warmth thanks to the purple hues of its colour palette and the human-focused brand visuals. Our design partners, Franklin Cooper, conceptually designed the logo to give a sense of constant progression with a clever visual architecture that allows for the various Academy products and courses to be contained within the logo environment. The resulting brand identity beautifully packages this powerful tool for both its corporate and consumer audiences.  

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