Fill Your Waiting Time Beautifully.

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Project Scope

180 Lounger is a lounge experience unlike any other; an inner-city haven of comfort and tranquillity launched in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. 180 Lounger nullifies the inconvenience of early check-outs, late flight departures and changes in travel plans. This was encapsulated in the brand’s new payoff line - Fill Your Waiting Time Beautifully.

The 180 Lounger logo was built by cutting the top and bottom parts of the numbers 180 in the Museo Sans font. The 8 in the word mark is representative of an hourglass and by cutting both ends, our agency created an illusion of time constraints and their associated stress being released.

Drawing reference from the brand personality and positioning, the photographic style created draws on abstract imagery, soothing textures and a luxurious colour palette to emote a feeling of tranquillity and beauty. These elements were carried through into the interior design look and feel in order to create a welcoming space of sophistication, warmth and indulgence.


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